About the company

RESCOM CLEANING SERVICES USA LLC It is an American company, dedicated to providing cleaning services in general, for all residential, commercial and industrial sectors. With its headquarters located in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

RESCOM CLEANING SERVICES USA LLC It is a company duly established in the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service, with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) **-****470, which makes us and obliges us to be committed to the cleaning work and provide the best of services to our customers.

RESCOM CLEANING SERVICES USA LLC born with the purpose of providing its customers, excellent service general cleaning, improving competitive prices and providing its customers an excellent job, because we have the greatest disposition, will and attention for our work with best equipment, tools and trained personnel to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, which are the most important part for us. RESCOM CLEANING SERVICES USA LLC makes the job easier for our customers ... leave work general cleaning in our hands, we guarantee it.